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Bri-Mar EH16-12

Bri-Mar EH16-12

Bri-Mar EH16-12

The Bri-Mar between-wheels trailer makes any job easier with ramps or a landscape gate for quick loading and unloading of pavement, construction or landscaping equipment. These trailers lead the industry in durability, reliability, innovation and features.

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Price: $4,795

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Bri-Mar EH16-12

Ref: EH16-12 

Price: $4,795.00

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Popular Options:

Spare Tire & Wheel - Radial

Ref: opt-33-spare-R-EH12 

Price: $175.00

Spare Mounting Kit

Ref: opt-29-spare-mount 

Price: $80.00

Bulldog 10k Drop Leg Jack

Ref: opt-35-10k--jack 

Price: $85.00

Wood-filled Ramps

Ref: opy-30-wood-ramps 

Price: $125.00

Extra Stake Pockets (each)

Ref: opt-31-stake-pockets 

Price: $20.00

Pintle Ring in lieu of Coupler

Ref: opt-34-pintle-ring 

Pallet Fork Holders

Ref: opt-36-pallet-fork 

Price: $200.00

Extra Weld-on D-Rings (each)

Ref: opt-37-D-rings 

Price: $20.00

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